Our Home Renovation Estimating Process

We take pride in our estimates and our work.

At Carl Thomsen General Contractor, we take the time to develop your project in-depth by thoroughly looking into all the details, obvious and not-so-obvious. With decades of building experience, our sales team knows what to look for and how to plan for success. The Project Evaluation eliminates 99% of the unknowns in every project.

We call our service Project Evaluation or “PE”

The PE agreement allows us to collaborate with you to completely define your project and achieve your goal. It provides you with construction documents that ensure a successful project.

PE’s have four components: Design, Scope, Bid, Timeline.

Design Document

You may already have a set of plans. If not, we will work with you to develop a final project design.

a. It can include conceptual drawings, floor plans, and elevations as appropriate.

b. Architectural or engineering services are billed separately.

Scope of Work

We provide a detailed line item description of the work and all specifications.

a. The Scope includes specifications for appliances, fixtures, materials (tile etc.) and subcontractor bids.

b. Unspecified items are carried as “allowances” and are stated in the Scope.

c. The scope will outline assumptions, qualifications and unusual conditions that are required to complete the work.

Fixed Bid

Based on the established Scope and Design, we develop a price for us to do the work.

a. Cost of work is presented in lump sum figure.

b. Price is valid for 30-days, after which time, costs may change.


Specific timeline for completion of the project with approximate start date and duration.

The Project Evaluation, which includes 1 or 2 site visits, may take 5 hours for a deck, 20 hours for a kitchen, and as many as 40 hours for an addition. How long it takes depends on design, how quickly you make decisions, and how much shopping you do for appliances, tiles, cabinets, etc. We charge an hourly rate for this service and give you a complete listing of the hours spent and what they were spent on.

At the completion of the Project Evaluation, you own ALL the information you will need for a complete and successful project. You are free to bid the project out to other builders. If so, you will compare “apples to apples” because they will be bidding on exactly the same job.

We do this process for all our projects and our clients are finding it very valuable. Not only do they get a complete picture and price of their project, but they also have comfort and security knowing that they are being well cared for by a contractor who takes the time to “get it right”.

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