Topsfield, MA Construction Services

Topsfield, MA Aging in Place Remodeling

Aging in place can be a more comfortable alternative than moving out of your home and into a retirement community or nursing home. When considering your plans for the future, consider how Thomsen Construction can help. Let us make your home mobile, accessible, and safe for you to age comfortably in your existing environment. Learn More

Topsfield, MA Bathroom Remodeling

Change your bathroom into an oasis with Thomsen Construction. Your bathroom should be the most personalized and comfortable room in the house, dedicated to your needs. Add a vanity or bathtub. Change your light fixtures. All your ideas can be implemented with Thomsen Construction. Learn More

Topsfield, MA Cabinetry & Custom Woodworking

Nothing is more authentic in a kitchen than custom woodworking and beautiful cabinetry. Give your home the timeless look and feel you’re going for by working with Thomsen Construction. Our designers work with you to bring your ideas to life, while only using high-quality materials and wood. Contact us today to schedule a consultation! Learn More

Topsfield, MA Exterior & Siding Home Repairs

Siding and trim are your home’s most visible features. They are also your home’s first line of defense against weather. When deciding on styles and techniques, we stay true to your architecture and bring your ideas to life. Look to Thomsen Construction for your exterior repairs, siding, and trim needs. Learn More

Topsfield, MA Home Renovations

Renovating can refresh your home, give you more space, and change the aesthetic of your home completely. Are you looking to add another room or extend your house with an addition? Reach out to Thomsen Construction to schedule a consultation. We can discuss your ideas and help you plan and budget. Learn More

Topsfield, MA Kitchen Remodeling

Do you have an idea for you dream kitchen? Our designers at Thomsen Construction can help you plan, budget, create a timeline, and bring your ideas to life. Quality and effort are at the forefront of all of our projects. Learn More

Topsfield, MA Small Repairs

Even small repairs need attention, too. When small repairs go unfixed, you risk the chance of them worsening. Don’t wait to repair your sink or your cabinet doors. Thomsen Construction can support your repairs, and nothing is too small. Contact us today to schedule a consultation! Learn More

Topsfield, MA Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are small elements that highlight your home tremendously. Use colors and styles to your advantage to add a cohesive appeal to your window and door details. Thomsen Construction can give you the detail on your doors and windows you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to schedule a consultation! Learn More