exterior shot of home with clean white siding and white picket fence

North Shore, MA Exterior & Siding Home Repairs

Siding and trim are your home’s most visible features. They are also your home’s first line of defense against weather. When deciding on the materials and styles to use for your siding and trim, you want to consider many factors like color schemes, techniques, styles, designs, and outside elements.

Thomsen Construction can help you make decisions based on the style of your home. Choosing a nice color scheme for the exterior of your home is important. Generally, window trim and shutters are the darkest colors in the color scheme. We can highlight your architecture by creating structure and consistency through your main trim color.

We suggest a well-thought-out plan, and only use high-quality materials. Establish a good channel of communication with your contractor so that you can finalize details and allow them to effectively implement your ideas. You want a stunning look that will also last and endure the harsh New England weather. You should feel 100% comfortable with your contractor and ensured that they understand your needs before you start doing your siding and trim.

Thomsen Construction aims to beautify your home with weather-proof materials and a good design that is faithful to the architecture. Our team has the expertise to build and design your exterior while paying attention to the finer details. Contact us today for all of your siding and trim needs at (978) 890-7444.