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Aging in Place Remodeling Near North Shore, MA

There comes a point in life when everyone considers whether aging in place is right for them, or if it’s more convenient for them to move all together. Many people consider community homes to ensure living comfortably and safely. Sometimes, however, remodeling or making some changes can make aging in place easier, and allow you to stay in your home. If you or a loved one has considered aging in place, read our guide to find out if it’s the best decision for you.

At Thomsen Construction, we can help you with aging in place. To ensure safety, we can help you eliminate sharp edges around the house and any steep steps or dangerous elements. We can install handles in places like the kitchen and bathroom, and ramps for wheelchairs to easily get in and out. We can help you widen doorways and plan for more space. Eliminating narrow areas makes it possible for you to age in place comfortably.

If you’re considering aging in place near North Shore, MA, Thomsen Construction can help. When you make the choice to age in place and renovate instead of moving, we can start to go over the basics of making your home accessible, mobile, and safe. Do you have questions? We want to hear from you. Contact us today at (978) 890-7444 for more information about aging in place, as well as our other services. We can take the stress out of planning for your future, one area of the home at a time.