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What To Expect As A Homeowner During Your Construction Project

March 7, 2019

Many homeowners want to begin a project, but have so many questions as to what to expect throughout the process. We wrote a blog about what you can expect during your construction project based on the size, length of your project and, of course, the construction company you choose to work with. We highlighted some questions to ask yourself and your construction company when it comes to the scope of your project.


Consider The Scope Of Your Project

Think about what part of the home you want to renovate or remodel. How much work do you want to be done? How long will this take, and what is the scope of this project?

Questions to Ask Your Construction Company

If you’re renovating the kitchen, bedroom, or an area of the home that is constantly in use, you may wonder how this will work. Your construction company can answer all of these questions pertinent to your build or project. Depending on what you want to be done, you may be able to stay in the home or you may have to leave.


Front of Home ExteriorHow You Can Prepare For Your Construction Project

As a homeowner, you’ll want to start with removing all furniture in the room or area of the house being remodeled or renovated. You can then declutter the home, and put personal belongings away.

Declutter & Organize

Remove unnecessary items that may cause interference with the project. Your construction company will let you know if there’s anything specific to your project that you’ll need to do to prepare the home.


Common Courtesies In Construction Work Tub and Teddy Bear in Bathroom

You may be wondering how it works when you have a construction company coming in and out of your home all day. This is especially common for homeowners to ponder when planning extensive projects that may take some time. 

Choosing The Right Construction Company

It’s very important to choose the right construction company for this reason. When you have people in and out of your home all day, you want to trust and rely on them to be respectful, clean and responsible. At Carl Thomsen General Contractor, we pride ourselves on our clean work environments, expert judgment, and clear communication through each phase of the project. Respect for your home is our first priority when you hire us.


We hope this blog gives you the knowledge and security you need you to begin the project of your dreams. Carl Thomsen General Contractor is about people. We who do the work are here to serve you. Get to know us as individuals, and you will begin to appreciate the incredible breadth of experience and craftsmanship we embody as a company.


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