Water Damage: What To Do and How to Take Preventative Action

February 19, 2019

As February is closing in, and March and April are expected rainy months, we decided we’d write a blog about water damage. Water may seem like it’s not a huge deal, but in reality, water can be one of the most damaging elements to the home. When wood and materials get wet when they’re not supposed to, you can face wood rot, mold and then have to deal with restorations. Read through this blog to learn about the damage water can do, how you should react when you notice you have water damage in your home, and how you can take preventative action against the New England elements.

Noticing Water Damagesigns of leaking roof from exterior

When you notice water damage, call Carl Thomsen General Contractor at 978 890 7444, ASAP. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can come and help you. The longer you wait, the larger the risk you’re taking when it comes to salvaging the situation. When you call us, try to temporarily tide over the leak or the rush of water until we get there. If possible, use buckets, tarps, and duct tape to ensure the situation doesn’t get worse.

Preventative Action

The best way to prevent water damage is to make sure your house can withstand the elements. Be sure your siding and roofing is up to date and doesn’t have any damage. Check out the basement, the attic, and areas of the home in which you rarely spend time. If you do notice damage to your roof, siding, or any aspect of your home’s exterior that could let water in, this is not a repair you want to put aside. Assessments allow you to catch issues or damage before they actually take a toll on your home’s structural integrity.

Periodic Home Assessments

Have Carl Thomsen General Contractor come in for a full house assessment. We can advise you to make changes, work on restorations, or replace aspects of the home that are falling short of sustainable. Ensuring every aspect of your home can withstand anything is the first step toward preventative maintenance.

water damage in home


We can’t stress enough the importance of handling water damage as soon as it happens. When you run into water damage, call Carl Thomsen General Contractor at (978) 890-7444.




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