Updates To Your Home’s Siding & Trim

May 25, 2019

Nicer weather means working on the home’s exterior. When the weather is nice, homeowners are able to schedule home improvement projects, outdoor renovations, and exterior work on the home. It’s finally the time of year everyone is waiting for to dive into home improvement and restorations. What are you doing this year to improve your home’s exterior? Many homeowners are contacting Carl Thomsen General Contractor at this time of year, looking to update the home’s siding and trim.

Appearance & Aesthetic

The siding and trim are the “skin” of your house. It’s the color and integrity everyone notices as they drive by or walk through your neighborhood. When your siding and trim is on point, your home looks beautiful, modern, and well maintained. Updates to siding and trim are especially recommended for homeowners looking to sell or put their home on the market, as the clean-cut trim and modern appearance is attractive and aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers. Remember there is only one chance to make a great first impression!

Strong Materials

Siding & trim are your home’s first line of defense against the harsh New England elements. A breach in this defense lets water inside and leads to serious rot and mold conditions inside the walls and framing.

Why You Should Update The Siding & Trim Of Your Home

You should look at updating your siding and trim as a security blanket for your home and an investment you’ll want to make. Keeping siding and trim intact is like an insurance policy for your home, your most important long-term investment.

Project EvaluationFront of Home Exterior

If you’re considering making these updates to your home’s exterior this spring, call Carl Thomsen General Contractor for careful project evaluation. This will help you look at all phases of your updates and restorations, and eliminate all of the unknowns before taking the leap. We do this process for all our projects and our clients are finding it very valuable. Not only do clients get a complete picture and price of their project, but they also have comfort and security knowing that they are being taken care of in all aspects.

Updates to the home’s exterior are beyond worth it, giving your home a new appearance and strong reassurance of security. If you have questions about updating the siding and trim of your home, contact Carl Thomsen General Contractor at (978) 890-7444.

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