10 Most Helpful Tools to Keep in the Shed

The 5 Most Helpful Tools To Keep In The Shed

March 12, 2019

Sometimes you really need to get things done in the home, and small projects and repairs can’t wait. It can be simple to repair a wobbly chair, or install a new doorknob – but only if you have the right tools at hand. We wrote this blog for you to use as a checklist for your small repair and DIY needs. Issues, breakages, and small repairs always arise in the home, and you can handle them when you have the right tools to assist you. Read this blog to learn about the 10 most helpful tools to keep in the shed.

Power Drills & Drill Bits For Ease Power Drill for Easy Tightening

Almost all small repairs and DIY projects will require you to screw in something, or twist vigorously. 

More Power Behind Power Drills

Sometimes our wrists can’t handle using the hand-held screwdrivers, so you may want to invest in a power drill and a set of drill bits. 

Many Uses

This will come in handy for tightening, hanging, replacing things, and many of the other repairs you’ll do around the home. This may arguably be the most important tool to keep handy.

wrenches working on pipeAn Adjustable Wrench For Efficiency

An adjustable wrench will allow you to change the size of your grip.

Heavy-Duty Needs

Pick up a heavy-duty adjustable wrench at the hardware store, and keep it in the shed for plumbing needs, leaks, assembling furniture, and tightening loose bolts.

Wrenches Always Come in Handy

When you least expect it, and adjustable wrench can come in handy when you least expect it. This tool is most commonly appreciated by homeowners during emergencies.

Keeping Hammers, Nails, & Hardware On-Hand Hardware to keep in the shed

Keep all hardware on hand, stocked up, and ready to go. This way, you won’t find yourself searching to the ends of the Earth for that one nail you need.

Organizing Hardware

Keep things organized in the shed or workroom, label, and sort your hardware by size and use for each material. Keep the most common sizes you normally use and need around the home.

Don’t Clutter Your Workspace

Keep only the hardware you know you’ll use and need in the shed or at your tool bench. Refrain from cluttering your workspace with unnecessary hardware you won’t use. 

tape measure

A Tape Measure for Accuracy

A tape measure is commonly used around the home, so you’ll want to have a few in the shed. 

Additional Yardstick

Invest in a yardstick for accuracy and dependability. When measuring, you’ll be happy to be able to make precise decisions on sizing and spacing. 

Measuring Tools Help With Planning & Sizing

Remember the last time you tried to fit a brand new piece of furniture in the home without measuring the size of the doorway and the size of the furniture? Tape measures can remind you of that simple step of measuring and planning that makes your home improvement go smoothly.

Step Stools For Reaching High Spaces step stool for kitchen

Step stools are recommended for all homeowners to keep nearby.

Safe & Easy to Use Alone

With a stepstool, you have a safe alternative option to a ladder, as it can be used when you’re working alone. Step stools don’t necessarily require someone to hold or stabilize the bottom. They are safe and efficient, giving you the extra height you need to reach those areas of the home. 

Step Stools Give The Extra Height We Need

When you can’t reach the knobs to replace in the highest cabinets of the kitchen, or when you can’t install your light fixture without an extra boost, the step stool really comes in handy.

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