Sprucing Up the Home

Spruce Things Up This Spring!

May 15, 2019

As you’re probably well into your spring cleaning, we thought we’d write a blog to help you spruce things up in the home and on your property. Though annual cleaning is expected, there are some things we don’t do each year that could really benefit you this season. Read through this blog to learn how to spruce up certain areas of the home and yard.


Home Improvement by Carl Thomsen General ContractorSpruce Up The Lawn

There are so many things you can do to the lawn to spruce it up this year. Get your lawn looking greener than ever with a little extra care than normal this season. If you haven’t already, invest in an irrigation system that allows you to put your sprinklers on a timer. Look into grass seed that’s healthy for your lawn, fertilize your grass, and pull weeds. When you put a little extra effort into maintaining the lawn, it really shows! Putting in time to get your lawn looking immaculate will be something you’re proud of when it comes to your yard and your home. A detailed mow, and some good landscaping will help you spruce things up with the lawn this Spring.


Spruce Up The Inside of the Home

Is it time to toss the dated and stained family rug? Have your floors seen better days, and you think it’s time to replace them? Sprucing things up means out with the old and in with the new. Does the kitchen need a fresh coat of paint? All of these elements can be revamped and replenished with spring spruce up. Create a budget for spring home improvement, and take on a project for reorganizing, painting, or redoing the floors.

Spruce Up The Shed

When you’re spending time outdoors this spring and summer, you’ll likely need to access the items in the shed or garage. This includes fun toys like bikes and scooters/skateboards, and also includes tools for projects and home improvement items you’ll need throughout the season. You will want to make it a priority to spruce up the shed because before you know it, you’ll need all of these things, and they’ll still be in the back of the shed or garage, still behind all of your winter accessories. Organize everything in drawers, boxes, and shelves. Store everything efficiently and label your tools, especially small parts that can get lost easily.


Guest Room Additions by Carl Thomsen General ContractorSpruce Up The Guest Rooms

Guests always come to stay during the summer. If you have a guest room, addition, cottage, or in-law apartment, make sure it’s clean and ready for company. Do something different with your guest room this summer. Create an escape or second part of the home where you can unplug, disconnect, and enjoy with peace and serenity. This may include new colors, new furniture, new pillows and bedspreads, plants, accessories, paintings, lights, and more. Transform your typical guest space into an escape for your guests.


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