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Preparing Your Home’s Exterior For The Spring

March 22, 2019

Spring is finally here, and at Carl Thomsen General Contractor, we’re just as excited as you are. Our spring property maintenance services have been off the charts! Homeowners are preparing both the home’s interior and exterior, tackling projects head on, and booking renovations and installations. People are excited as they prepare their properties for another spring awakening. There’s much to do before everything comes to life again! We wrote this blog to help you brainstorm the things you need to do around the home and outside. Some of these things are easy to do, and you can do them yourself when you know what needs to be done. Once you’re prepared, you can welcome the spring with open arms.

Cleaning Gutters After The Winter Gutters

After the winter, your gutters will be full of sticks and debris. Grab some gloves and take your hose to the gutters you can reach with your ladder. Have someone assist you and hold the bottom of your ladder to keep steady. 

Preventing Clogs in Gutters

Be sure to push debris all the way through the channels of your gutter, through the gooseneck bed, and out the downspout. We all know that April is a rainy month of the spring. You don’t want any debris left inside your gutters to potentially clog or create a blockage when it rains.

Check Vents From Foundation

After the winter, vents can become damaged and you may not notice when they aren’t working properly. Before spring, inspect all vents coming from the foundation of your home to ensure you won’t have any problems throughout the spring. 

Prevent Hazards by Fully Assessing the Home

Check on your vents and air leaving the home, especially from the laundry room and washer/dryer area. When you assess all areas of the home, you can prevent hazards from blocked or improperly functioning vents.

Fresh Exterior Paint For The Spring Paint options

A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your home can give your property a fresh, crisp, and beautiful look. Your home’s new appearance will be perfect for this time of year.

Paint the Detail & Trim of Your Exterior

If you don’t want to update the full paint color of your home, you can choose to paint the detail and trim of your exterior with a new spring shade. Consider hunter green, pastel yellow, or hazelnut and beige.

Outdoors during springOutdoor Areas & Side Lawns

If you commonly entertain on your back deck or patio, get your appliances out and ready to be cleaned. Sanitize the grill as it’s been in storage all season. 

Tie Together Loose Ends

Wires, extension cords, and miscellaneous lawn accessories commonly end up leaning against the home. Clean up the side lawn, weed if necessary, and put things into storage that don’t belong. Get your appliances in one place, like the grill, fire pit, tables, chairs, and lanterns.

Clean Up to Curate

When you have your appliances and outdoor areas cleaned and ready, you can stage and curate your yard to your liking to get your home’s exterior on point. This includes benches, tables, umbrellas, lanterns, and more to spice up your outdoor areas. Be sure your home’s exterior is not suffering from rot, water damage, or structural damage. If you realize this during your spring preparations, call us right away. 


Preparing your property for the spring won’t happen all in one day, but the exterior of your home should be on the top of your priority list with the change in seasons. Take a few weekends to give your home the care and time it needs, and you can enjoy the spring comfortably and worry-free.

Reach out to Carl Thomsen General Contractor if you have any questions when you’re preparing your home’s exterior for the spring.

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