New Decks & Patios In Spring 2019

May 9, 2019

As the weather is finally nice during the spring, homeowners are getting excited. Carl Thomsen General Contractor has been getting many inquiries about new deck installations, old deck restorations, and patio installments.

When you plan to restore or install a new deck, you receive so many benefits with your project.

Materials That Hold Up Against Time & Elements

We will expertly guide you through the process of project evaluation and planning, and we can map out a timeline for the duration of your project so you know exactly what to expect. The materials used at Carl Thomsen General Contractor are of the highest quality so we can ensure your new deck or patio will uphold against the test of time. We know that New England weather can be unforgiving, so we plan and use materials that work well with our environment. We build decks and patios to last you as long as possible, which is what makes these renovations and installations beyond worth it.


Benefits of a New Back Deck

A new deck can be a great addition to the home for many reasons. With access from the home right to the back yard, you can let pets out easily through the sliding door, walk in and out of the house while grilling and cooking with ease, and enjoy somewhere to sit and relax outside. It allows you an area that’s high up off the ground to get you some sun, and can be situated on any side of the house you choose.


Benefits of a New Patiotan siding

If you think you don’t have enough space for a new deck, a patio is a great alternative option. With a new back patio, you have a beautiful platform to set up tables, chairs, and plants. You can even consider a fire pit or chiminea for your back patio. Curate your ideal backyard area with a small patio.


Curate Your New Backyard

When you install a new back deck or patio, you’ll be inspired to get creative with the rest of your backyard. Your new deck installation will flow seamlessly into the architecture and style of your home, almost as if it was meant to be there. You can play off the natural architecture of your home to help you decide what other elements of the backyard you want to spruce up and improve this spring.


Your backyard will be the new hot spot this spring and summer with a new patio or deck. Spend time outside in style with family and friends this season. If you have questions about installing a new deck or patio on your property, reach out to Carl Thomsen General Contractor at (978) 890-7444.


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