Make Your New Home More Efficient: Energy & Organization

February 15, 2019

When you move into a new home, there are so many things on your mind. You’re excited to get unpacked, accessorize your home, and make it your own. It takes time to make your house seem like a home, and there are tons of things you’ll want to do. Before you get creative, you’ll want to consider the logistics. Making the home efficient can cut costs on energy bills, save time, and eliminate future issues from the get go. The best time to get an efficiency plan in place, or develop a good routine, is right when you move in. Read this blog to learn how to make your new home efficient in all ways.

Consider your heat and energy sources. Does your home run on a furnace or oil? How much do you expect to pay monthly? Would solar benefit your home? Be sure your heat source matches the type of home you have. If there’s a better way to heat your home, like a pellet or a wood stove, consider installation. Check out your window seals, insulation, and door seals to be sure there’s no draft coming in, or ways for heat/air conditioning to escape. Consider the appliances and elements of the home. Do your appliances aid efficiency, or do they make things harder for you? Smart appliances come in handy for efficiency and ease. You may need to make some changes to ensure your appliances match your lifestyle, or your new home may be already equipped with appliances that work for you.

As you’re unpacking your things, sort and organize them accordingly. Consider storage units, bins, and elements to help you keep your belongings in order. When you’re planning the kitchen, cabinets, closets, and bedrooms, include storage units in these places as well. You can organize food, clothes, personal belongings, toiletries, and other household items with ease when you use storage bins, drawers, locking jars, and containers. When you start out on a good note with an organized style, you can follow this style for years to come in your new home. Developing a strong routine starts from the beginning, and consists of keeping up over time. These routines of staying organized can help you keep your home efficient.

As your home will be consistently organized, this will help you realize what you need, what you’re lacking, and what you want out of your space. You’ll know what space you have to work with, and you’ll know where everything is at all times. Home efficiency and organization allows homeowners to make decisions on the fly, make additions, and change things up as they wish. You’ll love how simple it is to live in your new home when you do things right.

Moving into a new home can be overwhelming, but when you understand it’s a process, it makes things seem a little easier. Carl Thomsen General Contractor is here to help you with all of your home improvement and construction needs. Contact us at (978) 890-7444.


Carl Thomsen General Contractor is a licensed (Massachusetts Construction Supervisor Lic. # 101503) and insured, full-service contracting company. Owned and operated by Carl Thomsen, we have over 20 years experience in all aspects of building, renovation, and repair. Located in Essex MA, we service clients from Boston to Newburyport, Billerica to Gloucester. When you contact Carl Thomsen General Contractor, we listen to you. As our client, your building and renovation needs are our primary concerns, and no one knows those needs better than you. Your personal tastes and sensibilities shape our professional approach to your project.


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