Installing A Ramp For Aging In Place

May 18, 2019

For homeowners aging in place, there’s a lot to think about when the weather starts to get nicer. When the sun is out every day and the temperatures are warm, you will find yourself wanting to spend more time outdoors. This will require preparedness for entering and exiting the home, bringing everything you need with you, and packing accordingly when you leave and return.


One of the largest aspects of aging in place during the nicer weather is the concern for exiting and leaving the home. This can be done easily and safely with a ramp installed in your doorway that brings you right to the driveway.


Carl Thomsen General Contractor Aging in Place Specialists

Installing a ramp for aging in place can be a great decision for emergency preparedness. When folks get comfortable with using the ramp, it can allow safer and more independent transportation and travel. Though we don’t want to assume you or a loved one could slip and fall when leaving the house to run errands, we have to prepare for the unthinkable. A ramp eliminates steep stairways and discourages the need for help getting your wheelchair or walker down the steps.


You will love the accessibility a new ramp installation will bring to your home. Though they help immensely with wheelchairs, walkers, and more, ramps make entry easy for everyone. When your ramp is designed by Carl Thomsen General Contractor, we can ensure it’s well planned so it blends seamlessly and effortlessly into the architecture of your home.


Ramps can be located at whichever door of the home is the most convenient for you. Install ramps in the rear or on the side of the home. If it’s easier, attach a ramp to the front door. The choice is yours when you plan out your project with Carl Thomsen General Contractor. Image of ramp way wheelchair disabled people.


When your home is built for aging in place, you have less to worry about when the seasons change and when you’re living through various life transitions. Safety should always be at the forefront of your priorities when planning for emergencies and aging in place.


Experts at Carl Thomsen General Contractor are certified aging in place specialists. This means we will provide design services, renovations, technology, and equipment that blend seamlessly, allowing you to continue to enjoy the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions about simple ramp installation or residential elevators, reach out to us at (978) 890-7444.


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