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Ideas for Spring Home Improvement

April 5, 2019

When the weather starts to get nice, it’s a common time of year for homeowners to consider home improvement projects. Every family or homeowner has a different reason for making changes to the home during the spring. No matter what type of home you have or what your lifestyle entails, you can find something to brighten up your home this spring and really kick-start your season with energy.

Family Room, Kitchen & Bedroomspring living room

These are rooms in the home in which families spend time year-round. To brighten up these indoor areas of the home, you can paint the walls with fresh, crisp spring colors. Replace winter accessories with brighter, spring tones and floral elements. Replace blankets and linens with spring patterns and details. Replace hand towels, shower curtains, and bedspreads to align with the season. This will give your home a breath of fresh, spring air throughout every room of the home.

Outdoor Sports

Do you have kids that play sports? Do they love playing outdoors when the weather’s nice? Consider a basketball court or tennis court in your yard. If you have the room for a soccer net or lacrosse net, consider a space for outdoor sports.

chocolate lab retriever outside during spring

Pets Outdoors

During this time of year, everyone yearns to be outside. This will include your pets! When doors are opening and closing on a sunny day or yard activities, our furry friends are often tempted to escape quickly through all of the traffic. You can fence in your property or back yard to make a safe space for your pets to run and enjoy the nice weather. Consider locking gates for easy entry and re-entry to your backyard areas.

Springtime Outdoor Spaces

When you get to planning the outdoor areas of your home, consider the following:

Decks, patios, outdoor showers, fire pits, places to hang in hammocks, lawn chairs, shrubs, bushes, plants, gardens, etc.

These elements of spring can brighten your property and give any outdoor space a modern, cohesive appeal.

spring home improvementsAdditions to the Home 

What says home improvement better than adding an addition to your home? Spring is often a time of year homeowners recognize the need for a bigger home. If you’ve always wanted a larger space added onto the home, or another room to do more inside, now is the perfect opportunity. Common additions that homeowners aspire to add are home offices, mudrooms, and entryways for more space and comfort, and apartments or cottages for in-laws or guests.

Little home improvements can go a long way. When you take the time to freshen up before the spring season, you’ll find yourself happier and healthier in your home. You’ll enjoy your new decor, you’ll feel motivated surrounded by bright colors, and you’ll be eager to get outside and enjoy the spaces you’ve curated. Reach out to Carl Thomsen General Contractor at (978) 890-7444 and let us help you prepare your home for the warm weather ahead.


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