Installing a New Back Patio by Carl Thomsen General Contractor

Curating Outdoor Spaces To Enjoy This Summer

May 4, 2019

Patio Installation by Carl Thomsen General ContractorWhat goes into curating outdoor spaces? Is it the string lights across the porch or patio? Is it the tables, chairs, umbrellas, and citronella candles? Is it the smell of wood burning in your new fire pit? What makes outdoor spaces in the spring and summer so great?

The truth is, there are many ways outdoor spaces are made to be great. Think about the outdoor spaces you know and love.

Maybe a restaurant, a bar, or a hotel resort has an outdoor space you liked and enjoyed throughout your stay. Maybe you’ve seen immaculate outdoor spaces on the internet.

These outdoor spaces may seem like they’re unattainable in the home, but this could not be further from the truth; you can accomplish any of these spaces at home.

When you study the spaces you know and love, you can incorporate these elements into your own backyard and feel the same enjoyment.


New Patio by Carl Thomsen General Contractor

Incorporating Fire/Heat

A fire pit or some type of chimenea can bring a different aesthetic to your outdoor space. Especially during the chilly evenings, fire pits give off a good amount of heat when sitting outdoors. Fire helps keep pests like mosquitoes away while providing the perfectly pleasing atmosphere. Look into lanterns, candles, fire pits, and fire towers that radiate heat. If you don’t like the idea of the open flame, consider artificial heat like space warmers and electrical heating towers for your outdoor areas.

Seating & Set-Up

There’s nothing like the perfect outdoor couch with the right amount of cushion, positioned perfectly on the back deck or patio. If you don’t have outdoor furniture, consider chairs with cushions, small couches, outdoor carpets for the deck floor, hammocks, swinging chairs, love seats, and ottomans. Especially if you’re a family that likes to entertain, these furnishings will get any outdoor space on point. You’ll have comfortable seating that will welcome your guests when they come over. Consider outdoor pillows, side tables, hanging plants, and even screens to enclose areas completely.

Matching the Summer Ambiance

Back Deck by Carl Thomsen General Contractor

We spend most of our time in our outdoor spaces during the summer. The feelings in the summer are positive, happy, nautical, bright, and stress-free. You can incorporate these seasons as themes for your outdoor areas. Play with summer colors in your furniture and your accessories. Decide on a bright color scheme, and set up your space depending on your intentions with this space.

The Details

When you’ve planned how you’ll curate your new outdoor space, you can think about the finishing touches you’ll add to your yard. Mulch in your yard, gardens, and side yard under plants and bushes can add a fresh and appealing finishing touch. A stone walkway leading from your outdoor space to the home or back door can be a great way to incorporate stone and multi-dimensional elements into your property.


When you see outdoor spaces you admire, you can use these spaces as inspiration for your own outdoor space. Curating the outdoor area of your dreams may not be as challenging as you think! If you have questions about how Carl Thomsen General Contractor can help you, reach out to us at (978) 890-7444.


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