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Common DIY Repairs In The Home

March 1, 2019

At Carl Thomsen General Contractor, we’re always handling small repairs for homeowners at all times of the year. Between the interior and the exterior of your home/property, you will have much to keep up with. Small repairs don’t necessarily happen for a reason, and can often be due to old materials and natural wear and tear on the home’s infrastructure. It’s normal for a home to require updates and restoration over the years. Some things can even be done yourself. 

Beyond the repairs that require larger property maintenance and help from Carl Thomsen General Contractor, there are many small repairs and constant happenings around the home that you can handle yourself.

Common DIY Repairs in the Home DIY Repair Tools in the Home

Common repairs in the home that you can do yourself consist of repairing small things that are out of place, loose, broken, or not functioning properly. The most common DIY repairs and home maintenance include: tightening door knobs, assembling furniture, fixing stripped screws, sanding drawers to slide properly, and stopping water leaks.

Materials To Keep In The Home

Keep your home or basement workstation stocked with common materials you’ll need for DIY projects. Sandpaper, hardware like nails and screws, paint and primer, tools with a flat edge, a measuring tape, canvas/tarps, screwdrivers, duct tape, painter’s tape, push pins, and even bubble wrap. You never know when a small repair will arise, and when you have all of these materials on-hand in the home, you can handle things yourself.

Couple DIY Paint Project

DIY Projects Can Be Quick & Efficient

There’s a great benefit in doing things yourself. You keep active, most of the time you learn something new, and you feel satisfied by getting the job done. When things aren’t functioning properly in the home, you can educate yourself on how to make things run smoothly, and fix them quickly and efficiently.

Some projects are not meant to be handled yourself. When your home’s infrastructure is at risk, like when you recognize mold or water damage, this is not something you want to handle yourself. Call Carl Thomsen General Contractor right away at (978) 890 7444. Use your best judgment when it comes to projects that are DIY appropriate, and projects that need professional assistance.


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