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A Guide to Aging in Place During the Spring

March 28, 2019

As the seasons change, so do our schedules, responsibilities, and activities. Especially from the winter into the spring season, there’s much to do around the home for folks aging in place. We wrote a blog to outline what goes into preparing the home for the springtime when you live in New England.

railing outside during springAging In Place Priorities With Changing Seasons

Your priorities will change and differ depending on the season. During the spring, we can expect an increase in activity, and plan for indoor as well as outdoor safety.

An Increase In Activity

Your body and your home alike will experience an all-around increase in activity. When the weather starts getting nicer, you’ll be outside and moving about more than you were during the winter time. As our bodies need to adjust to this change, remember that the home requires adjustments as well. Be sure the home is decluttered, organized, and ready for an increase in activity, traffic, and visitors.

Indoor And Outdoor Safety

When springtime comes, you’ll be working both inside and out. When traveling back and forth you’ll want to ensure all steps are sturdy and safe, doorknobs are tightened, handrails are secure and ramps are ready for the spring season. Have your home assessed for safety by your property maintenance crew or construction company.

Aging In Place Spring Accessories & Attire

Bring everything you’ll need for the spring to the front of the home. Getting everything out of storage ahead of time will help you reduce rummaging through your things all season, and will open space in storage for your winter accessories. Bring forward your spring clothes, bikes, walking sticks, and store them in the shed or in the mudroom for easy access when you’re on the go.

Enjoying The Outdoors During The Spring

spring flowers

Enjoying everything Mother Nature has to offer when spring arises is for many. As a homeowner aging in place, you’ll love spending time outdoors during the spring, and you can make it easy for yourself with the proper planning.

Professional Landscaping & Home Exterior Work

You will want your lawn looking its best when you’re spending time outdoors on your property. Be sure your landscaping, exterior paint, and siding are on point before the spring starts.

Spring Gardening At The Home

If you’re a gardener, consider your plantings this year. Will you keep it traditional, how you do things every year? Or will you switch it up this year, change the location of your garden on your property, and perhaps grow something new in a new space in your yard? When you have a plan, anything is possible. The spring is the best time to get your garden going and enjoy the foods in season that you can grow yourself.

Community Involvement For Aging In Place

So many events and programs in your community are constantly happening during the spring. The spring season motivates everyone to get outside, make connections, get involved and learn something. Make your way to your local community center and see what’s happening this spring season in your area. Make plans with your group of friends to do something special every other week. Whatever you do, enjoy everything the season has to offer in your community.

Personal Health During Changing Seasons

Your health will be something you need to stay on top of during the spring. Drink lots of juice and water, eat a healthy diet rich in greens that are in season, and stay active with exercise.

Fighting Back Against Allergies During The Spring

The pollen during the spring will undoubtedly bring out your allergies. The changing temperatures may make your bones and joints achy. You can fight back against allergies by keeping the home clean, dusting often, and deodorizing the air with hypoallergenic sprays. Room sprays like Lysol and bleach cleaners in the bathrooms/kitchens can allow you to sanitize often. You’ll want to see your physical therapist or visit your doctor before the spring season for a regular checkup.

Enjoying spring outdoors aging in placeProtection While Staying Active

For the sunny days, consider sunscreen, visors, hats, and sunglasses. Even when it’s not super hot out, the sun can still reach you behind the clouds. When you’re spending time outside, be sure to have a pair of good shoes with traction. Bring along a cane or walking stick for assistance.

Forming Good Routines When The Season Changes

As the season changes, take this opportunity to improve your routines if they’ve been slightly off. Start going to bed at the same time every night. Get back on track with clean eating and a  healthy diet. Keep up with your responsibilities and get in the habit of forming routines.

There’s a lot that’s happening when the season changes. Sometimes after a long winter, it may feel like the springtime will never come. When it finally does, and brings you that excitement and anticipation you’ve been waiting for, use this guide to get yourself going. Aging in place can be easy during the springtime when you stay active in your community, stay safe and healthy around the home, and truly enjoy the season.

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